Rockin' Popstar Party

$225 for 10

The spotlight is on you and your friends as you get ready to rock out on stage in your new popstar looks, you’ll all make some rockin’ good memories putting on the performance of a life-time!

Party Includes:

  • Microphone Headband
  • Rockin’ Party Up-do’s
  • Popstar Dress Up
  • Karaoke Fun
  • Keepsake Photo and Special Tiara for the B’day Girl

Popular Party Add-on’s

  • Glitter Make-up Application $4.95ea
  • Polish Application $4.95ea
  • Glitter Tattoo Application $4.95ea
  • DIY Spa Bubbles $6.95ea
  • DIY Spa Sugar Scrub $6.95ea
  • DIY Lip-gloss $7.95ea
  • Funky Popstar Sunglasses $3.95ea
  • Helium Balloon $2.00ea
  • Keepsake Photo $3.50ea
  • DIY Party Bag $7.95ea
  • Autograph Birthday Girl Picture Frame $14.99ea

Extra guests $17.95ea

Parties of 13 or more require a $35 fee for an extra party leader