VIP & Me

Perfect for some alone time with your daughter, niece, cousin, or granddaughter! Choose 2 of the following services: Mini Manicures, Mini Pedicures, Mini Chocolate Facials.  Package includes a Keepsake Photo. (Suitable for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, nieces, sons, nephews)   

*Services are designed for kids and do not include the use of sharp implements, blades or other tools commonly used for adult-tailored services.. 
It's My Birthday

Cupcake Mini Mani-Pedi Combo, Specialty Up-do, Ring, Toe-ring, Keepsake Photo, Special Birthday Girl Tiara

Diva for a Day

Hair-cut, Shampoo, Blow-out, Mini Mani, Mini Pedi, Mini Facial and Shimmery Make-up Application, Ring, Toe-ring

Party Princess

Party Up-do, Perfect Polish, Glitter & Gloss, Take-home Accessory

Mini Mani Do

Mini-Mani, Party Up-do, Ring, 2 Nail Arts, DIY Creation Station (choose from Lip-gloss, Ice-cream Sugar Scrub or Spa Bubbles) 

Time Out

Mini Mani-Pedi Combo, Party Up-do, Ring, Toe-ring, 2 Nail Arts

On the go Head to Toe

Mini Mani-Pedi Combo, Party Up-do, Chocolate Face Mask, Ring, Toe-ring, MYO Creation Station (choose from Lip-gloss, Ice-cream Sugar Scrub or Spa Bubbles)